1st Generation Owner Benefits

1st Generation Benefits

Once launched, 1st Generation Holders will receive an exclusive airdrop containing $LEMON coin which will be equivalent to .01% of the total supply. This leaves each holder with nearly $30,000 worth of $LEMON when we hit our target market cap of $300 million. 1st generation holders will also be airdropped mystery boxes where to can win our future NFTs. 


Owners of a 1st Generation LemonHead NFT will receive an exclusive 5 mystery boxes each containing LemonHead NFTs from season 1. Additionally, holders will receive .01% of the total supply of $LEMON once launched. Secure your ticket and be first to the LemonHead DAPP and $LEMON airdrop.


LemonSwap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap among BEP-20 tokens (the latest token standard from Binance Smart Chain) based on the AMM automated market creation protocol. The interface will be intuitive and simple to use, with a carefully designed UI to appeal to all LemonHead users.

LemonHead Keychain Benefits

LemonHeads 1st-Generation Keychain Holders will receive an exclusive gift on December 25th (hint: mystery box).  Additionally, each holder will receive one 2nd-gen LemonHead Keychain which serves a bigger purpose throughout phase 1.