My Projects

Easy Loot (online)

Easy Loot, a global community for investors, has grown immensely without any paid marketing. After just 2 years, Easy Loot has reached 170,000+ page hits with over 40,000 unique visitors.

LemonHead NFTs – Online

LemonHead NFTs, an art-focused NFT collection offering hand-drawn pixelated “Lemonheads”. Reached $8,000 in sales with maybe $100 of advertising or promotion.

FME Academy

Mentored younger entrepreneurs, training them to quickly develop and launch several Shopify business models. A-to-Z course breaking down product research, website design, and launching.

(do not purchase the course, as I no longer have access to the account and will be unable to send a refund)

MotorCity Organics 

MotorCity Organics, an organic-focused CBD company offering unique products from CBD dog treats to CBD bath bombs infused with essential oils. I launched this at 18.

Shopify Agency (f.m.e.)

Fast Money Ecom, was an agency focused on providing turnkey ecom stores and mentorship within the niche. Average sale was around $497.

Fledgify (In Development)

Fledgify is a platform designed to make being an entrepreneur easier. This platform offers Entrepreneurs the ability to monetize and expand their network and offerings, all in one place.

“I first hired Jack and his team to build a website for my side business, I was left with a stunning website that all my ladies loved. After receiving such great results, I decided I wanted to try marketing with him. I was presented with a pretty expensive offer but by the end of it I was satisfied.”

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